India saw one of the biggest events in the history of sports – Commonwealth Games 2010. We are proud to say that, our team was involved in designing and implementation Professional Sound Reinforcement for almost 12 Stadiums.

Stadiums are massive venues with a capacity of 5000-100,000 people with stringent performance parameters. Considering the size of the venue, multiple control rooms are planned connected over fiber optics for central Monitoring and operation.

Sound reinforcement systems

Some of the challenges to be taken care are identifying the possible Speaker locations- most of the time speakers are hung from the shed or ceiling above the audience so utmost safety needs to be taken care for future.

3D Audio Simulation is a mandatory requirement for designing Sound reinforcement system for the Main venue. Many speaker design options are needed to be tried before freezing on a design, meeting not just functionality but also performance parameters like SPL, Speech Intelligibility, and Loudspeaker Overlap. Also, while designing, we need to consider that the announcement or music should not spill over in the Play area such that it disturbs the players on the field. Separate System should be given for making any announcements to the Players on the field.

Provision for making announcements/commentary not just from commentator’s box but also from the ground during Award ceremonies must be considered/provisioned while creating an Audio solution for the stadium.

In addition to the main venue , there are other backend building areas connected to the Main venue which also are catered with Multi-zone PA and BGM system which can be integrated with the Fire Alarm or Emergency announcement system.

Big LED Indoor/Outdoor Video wall solutions

Big LED Indoor/Outdoor Video wall solutions integrated with the broadcast system is an important service – Score boards, Audience capturing, recordings etc are run on these giant screens which can be viewed clearly by every person sitting in the audience. We may have from 2-4 screens depending on the shape and Size of the venue. Longest distance from the last viewer to the screen, distance of screen from the control room, Pixel pitch selection and input and output resolution are some factors while selecting the video walls and its controller and back end equipments.