Professional Sound & Video Reinforcement

Sound Reinforcement is an important and critical part of any space which caters to big audiences alike in a Multi-purpose hall, Auditorium, Performance art theatre, etc.. for purpose of the speech, Live performances,  Music, Cinema, Presentations, etc.

Sound reinforcement system requirements may differ from venue to venue and require professional skills and understanding of sound behavior. Following are key points to take into consideration while designing the SRE systems –

  • Understanding the space – We need to very carefully understand the shape & size, along with seating Layouts, interiors, and acoustics.
  • Mounting locations Available for Audio, Video, Lighting, etc equipment must be verified with the structural consultant and architects
  • The location of the Control rooms must be identified in the design stage.
  • Power requirements & power points required at various locations inside the space must be understood and communicated.
  • 3D Audio Simulation must be done to check the response of speakers being selected for the Audience areas. Selection of the right equipment which can deliver as per client requirements with above physical space constraints if any. This is very important or else huge electronic processing is required later to tune the system which makes the sound unnatural.
  • Installation & Integration of proposed equipment as per design plays a crucial role in making a solution successful. Minimal Electronic processing should be used to tune the system right.
  • Provisions must be considered for the post-install maintenance of equipment.

Our team has a huge experience in designing Sound Reinforcement and Video systems for Complex spaces. We use tools like EASE Software for Audio Simulations in the Design stage.