House of Worship

House of worship venues today are upgrading themselves with top of the line AV facility making preaching more effective and impactful to people present.

The sizes of some of these spaces are humongous with a capacity of almost 10,000 people or more with tall ceilings/domes. Live speech, Cultural events and programs, AV recordings, Audio, and Video playback are some of the major applications in these venues.

Most of the House of worship spaces are acoustically challenged due to the simplicity ion design and size and that makes it very important to select Directional speakers which would focus more on the audience areas rather than on wall or ceilings so as to avoid reflections and spoiling speech intelligibility. Some of the venues demand systems that can cater to Live band performances and expect High SPL outputs like in a concert like a setup.

Clarity of Speech is the most important factor in designing Audio solutions for these spaces. 3D Audio and Acoustic Simulation as per current acoustics must be done to check the results before freezing on the design.

A lot of these venues are very old and fall under the Archaeological Survey of India and may have huge restrictions on mounting locations of any new systems. The same must also be verified at the site level before finalizing the design.

Multiple LED Video walls, Projections systems along with PTZ installed cameras, live streaming, and recording are also deployed and must be designed carefully as Visual clarity is very important here.

Most of these religious organizations are funded by the preachers who donate for a good cause and hence it should be a one-time long-term investment such that systems deployed are stable and comes with long-term warranties to make it worth every penny being spent.

We understand this very well and make sure that the right design at the best possible price is given to all Houses of worship.