Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions spend a whole lot of money on Technology today as they have realized that by having advanced technological systems they can add huge value to the students for example collaborations with other international universities and organizing remote lectures for students present in India. This not only raises the bar for the educational institute but saves a lot of time, energy, and money in the long run.

Facilities like Auditoriums, Multi-purpose halls, Smart Classrooms, Labs, Sports arena, recreational areas, and some of the institutes also have their own AV recording rooms for exposing children to Media and related fields.

The concept of Smart classrooms needs to be understood correctly. Many people just believe that having an interactive board or a Projection screen makes it a Smart Classroom.

Smart Classroom is a concept that enables the space to make discussions easier and faster, presentations more interactive, collaboration with teachers and students in other institutes around the world, giving access to students of lectures done in the past, and go through again and again at their own pace.

Video Projection, a wireless presentation system, Interactive boards, Cameras, centralized recording, streaming and Recording, Annotation, Object viewing, saving written content digitally, and data sharing are some of the features deployed in Smart classroom solutions.