Hotels, Resorts & Theme Parks, Lounges & Night Clubs

When we say Hospitality, the first thing which comes to our mind is Leisure and Entertainment. AV has become an integral, in fact, almost a non-negotiable part of Entertainment and is responsible for not just creating a good vibe but also for smooth operations of any space catering to hospitality.

Paging & Background music Systems(PABGM), Distributed AV Solutions, High-performance Sound reinforcement systems are deployed in different kinds of venues for various kinds of applications.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts in India are spaces for not just holidays but also for a huge number of Business events, Marriage functions, Live Performances, etc. Pipe-music for common areas, independent music, and control for specialty restaurants , Spa, recreational areas like swimming pool, games zone, etc are common solutions. A car Calling system is also deployed in many hotels having multi-level car parking.

Specialized AV and Automation solutions for Banquets are deployed to cater to different kinds of applications like Marriage functions, Business meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions, etc. Banquet AV system forms a substantial part of the complete AV requirement of the Hotel and should be designed with care so as to utilize every penny spent judicially.

Many Business hotels also have Board rooms and meetings rooms to give on hire for business conferences and delegations. These rooms are to be fully automated in terms of AV and Lighting for a smooth experience and should be able to cater to all kinds of conference requirements involving Audio conference, Video conferencing, recording, etc. and hence should be fully equipped with necessary AV and automation equipment.

Theme Parks & Entertainment Venues

Theme Parks and Entertainment Venues are one of the most unique and challenging spaces to be designed and it involves designing unique spaces with many restrictions in terms of Equipment Location, size of equipment, acoustical challenges, environmental challenges (outdoor rated systems). The size of the venue is so large that we normally have multiple control rooms all connected via fiber optics and a central control room to monitor and operate the whole system from one location.

Moreover, since the main aim of the venue is entertainment so Performance parameters can’t be compromised in any way, which makes it a challenging design and requires expertise and experience.

Centralized Paging & Background music system for all common areas like walkways, cafes, etc. Independent ride/entertainment area system which normally is integrated with Ride controller, LED Video wall solutions, Projection Mapping with edge blending, Holography. Necessary specialized Controller is required to integrate and Synch complete Audio, Video with Event triggers.

Our team has designed many theme park and Entertainment venues solutions.

Lounges & Night Clubs

Who doesn’t like to Party! Audio and Video solutions are the most integral part of any Lounge or Night club after aesthetics and are very important to create the vibes needed to keep the feet moving.

Lounges over the last few years have become very popular and may vary from a capacity of 40 to 100 People or little more and nowadays have a requirement of Live performances too in addition to good pumped up recorded/DJ music.

Night Clubs are exclusive venues for High-end performances and Electronic music and therefore demand extremely high-quality Audio systems with enough headroom for performing various kinds of music genres. SPL levels up to 110Db can be expected in a night club. Special effect lighting solutions and Video solutions with Motorised trusses are also deployed in High-end venues as per conceptual requirements.