Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, etc., to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising. They are used as a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment, and merchandising to targeted audiences.

They are used to display digital images, videos, web pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text, etc.

Content and control of all digital signages in a building can be monitored and controlled centrally over the network.

There are various LCD, LED, Projection-based solutions available, the selection of which depends on factors like content type, viewing distance, indoor/outdoor, mounting types, etc.

NOC ROOMS – Network Operation Centres

Also known as a “Network management center”, is one or more locations from which network monitoring and control, or network management.

Digital Signage forms an important and critical part of NOC centers through the use of Multiple LEDs/Projection systems put together. Precision and very high-quality Video is what is expected in a NOC center. Hence while designing a NOC center there are many things that need to be taken into consideration basis the criticality of the application.