Malls & Retail Spaces

Indoor shopping places have become very common and we see numerous Malls opening in almost every city big or small. The concept of shopping has evolved over time and is now an experience rather than just a simple purchase of goods. Malls have brought shopping experience merges with entertainment having kids Game zones and play areas, Food courts, a stage for entertainment, etc..

PA and good quality Background Music systems are an important part of ambiance and experience. Car Calling and Multi-zone announcement from a central location are few features.

Uniform coverage and loudness levels are important parameters to be considered while designing the PA BGM systems. Noise levels in Malls are fairly high and enough headroom to maintain a good S/N (Signal to Noise) ratio for clear sound.

Digital Signage in the form of Video Panels at strategic locations, Large size LED Video walls are deployed for advertising and information display. Content Management and control are done centrally.