Paging & Back ground Music System

Paging & Background Music System is a part of any Public space be it an Airport, Railway station, Theme park, Mall, or a Hotel.

Uniform Distribution of sound and desired SPL(loudness) considering Environment Noise levels are very critical while designing the solutions to avoid ‘HOT & COLD SPOTS’ within the Audience areas. No space should very Loud or very low in sound. Every space should have a uniformly distributed sound. We use 3D Audio Simulation software for designing solutions.

Paging refers to making announcements through designated locations within the building and announcements can be prioritized as per client requirements with certain locations having override priority over other locations. For example, Music would have the lowest priority and would duck down as soon as an announcement is made. Similarly, one announcement point can have higher priority over others and would duck the lower priority announcement. Like for example, the Fire Evacuation announcement point would have the highest priority over all other announcements.

In bigger facilities like convention centers, Airports, etc, there are Multiple control rooms spread over the facility and connected through a network and can be centrally monitored.

Our team specializes in designing such solutions and have a huge experience to cater to any kind of venue.