Executive Board Room

This is a very critical space in any office where most important decisions for the company are taken through Data analysis over digital platforms and conferences. Management and important decision-makers of the company need tools that are user friendly to show and discuss their plans and work for everyone in the room to take Decisions.

Understanding the ‘Functional Requirements’ of the client at an early stage is extremely important and as an SI, we should request a presentation of the solution being proposed with the management who shall be finally using this AV System.

Few important factors to consider while Designing Audio, Video, Lighting & Control systems for an Executive board room are as follows –

  1. Determining User needs, various applications like Video conferencing, etc Tasks to be performed like presentations, note-taking, etc and lastly room features like control of AV & Lighting through a touch panel, etc, are required to be understood clearly.
  2. Since this space is to be used by Senior Management and owners of the companies, the architect is very particular about the interiors of this space which at times puts huge constraints in designing AV systems for this space. Understanding the interiors seating layout, shape, size, and acoustics of the space is very important while designing.
  3. Selection of the equipment which aligns with space without compromising on quality and functional requirement of the space is very important.

We specialize in designing Executive board rooms having various options to suit needs as per different spaces.

Meeting Room

It’s the people in an organization which matters the most. Employees are the ones who make or break your business. Meeting rooms are an important part of offices to be used by employees for their daily meetings and discussions for work. Normally meeting rooms vary from a seating capacity of 6-12 people.

Meeting rooms are equipped with Audio, Video Conferencing facility along with an interactive board/panel of appropriate size basis the size of the room. Pop-up Cable cubbies on tables for wired connections and wireless presentation are common features used for enabling presentations.

Huddle Room

Huddle Room is a name given to small size meeting rooms with a capacity of just 3-4 people. In big corporate offices, there can be a huge number of huddle rooms in a building. The purpose of these meeting rooms is for one one close discussions between employees or Video conferencing with other offices or vendors. The huddle room occupies a small space and gives privacy to people for important discussions without disturbing others on their floor.

The system in huddle rooms comprises of an Interactive Panel/LED Panel and a VC facility. The system here is plug and play for quick access for ease of working.

In many corporate offices where there is a huge number of meetings and huddle rooms, we recommend using occupancy sensors for Energy saving and automation purposes.